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Coaching 4-1-1

Pitching for Beginners

Pitching is a skill that requires practice. Encourage your players to practice in their backyard on non-game days. Another issue with beginner pitchers is that they all want to pitch during the game. However, it is important to encourage them to practice pitching during the team's practice sessions. The goal is for players who can throw the ball over the plate 50% of the time or more to be allowed to pitch in games.

Some helpful tips:

  • Setup - two feet on or in contact with the mound. Hands together. Full stop.

  • Step – full stride with (left) leg. Push off the mound with the right leg. Use legs (not arms) for power.

  • Release Point - release the ball at the(right) leg. Follow all the way through!

  • Drills - wrist flips. Half windmills. Full elbow extension drills.