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House League

Our house league divisions provide a safe, active environment where youth learn the game of softball while making new friends and having fun!

The information below is for the 2024 season.

Players in the U9, U11/13, and U15+ divisions will attend  Evaluation Days to assess their skills and ensure that all teams are evenly divided.


Players hit the ball from a stationary "tee" and are introduced to the basic learning skills of throwing, catching and hitting while also being taught the standard softball rules. Fun and learning are the focus of this division. 


Coaches pitch to the players in this division while the focus is still on batting, throwing, and catching. Standard rules of softball apply, and more rules are gradually introduced to accommodate the age of the players. Fun and learning are still the focus.


Players are introduced to pitching in this division and will pitch to their opposing teams. More of the standard softball rules are implemented, and the presence of umpires is also introduced. Fun and learning are still the focus, with a bit of a more competitive feel. The Select program is introduced at this level.


As players develop their softball skills, they are encouraged to try all the different positions on the field. The focus is on learning a more detailed approach to the offensive and defensive game, such as stealing bases. All skill levels are welcome. 


This combined age division still focuses on skill and learning, with teams equally composed of each age group. Players may typically find their ideal fielding position and develop their skills in this area. Stealing home, drop third strike, and infield fly rules are present in this division, as well as no other softball rule restrictions.