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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between softball and hardball?

There are several key differences between softball and hardball: Hardball uses a smaller 9-inch ball and hardwood bats, and pitching is overhand. Softball uses a 12-inch ball (11-inch for the junior divisions), aluminum or composite bats, and pitching is underhand (windmill).

What are the differences between softball and slow-pitch?

Softball and slo-pitch are very similar, with the exception of pitching style. Slo-pitch uses a lob-type pitch where the ball has a high arc and lands on the plate. Softball (or fastpitch) uses a straight pitch that crosses the plate and is caught by the back catcher.

What are the fees to play?

Division Early Bird Pricing (ends March 15/24) Regular Pricing (begins March 16/24)
U5 $90 $100
U7 $105 $115
U9 $150 $160
U13 $175 $185
U15+ $195 $205


What do the fees cover?

Each player receives a team jersey. Teams are provided with balls, bats, basic catching equipment, and field equipment (bases, pitching rubber, etc). The fees also cover field rental costs for all games and practices.

What equipment do I need to provide?

Each player must provide their own glove, helmet with full face guard (including a chin strap), appropriate full-length athletic pants (no zippers, snaps or buttons, no jeans), full-length socks (no ankle socks), and athletic footwear (no metal cleats). No skin may show below the waist, or the player cannot take the field.

How do you keep the costs so low?

We depend on sponsorship and fundraisers (determined by the board of directors and may change year to year) to cover the bulk of the costs of running our organization.

When does the season start?

We start with a "Coaches Clinic" night in April, distributing the equipment, jerseys, and playbooks and reviewing the season schedule. Our season starts in May. We are advised when the City of Brantford has opened the diamonds for the season, and each division starts at different times. This schedule is shared closer to the beginning of the season.  Our younger divisions follow the Learn to Play Program. U9 and above divisions have evaluation nights the first couple of weeks we start. 

When and where are the games?

All U5 games will start at 6 pm. All other house league games start at 6:30 pm. Locations vary by division. See your specific division schedule for exact details.

What time do I need to be at the game?

Players should arrive at least 15 minutes before game time in order to warm up properly.

When will I know the schedule?

The schedule, rules, and other information for the season will be given out to the coaches at the "Coaches Clinic," who will communicate with their respective teams.

How are the teams chosen?

U5 and U7 teams are selected by a committee of executive members based on equal numbers of boys and girls and ages.

We host evaluation days for all other divisions, where all players are assessed on different skills. All pitchers are assigned to teams evenly first, then any Select Players. The remaining players are entered into a "draft," where they are assigned to teams based on the skill level assigned from the evaluations in order to keep the teams even and fair.