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About Us

Brantford Minor Softball Association

Brantford Minor Softball Association (BMSA) was established in 1957 as a softball association exclusively for girls. However, in 1991, the BMSA Boys' divisions were introduced. Our primary objective is to encourage teamwork and fair play while providing an opportunity for children in the community to enjoy themselves and make new friends.

BMSA is a non-profit organization. The registration fees paid by parents are used for the betterment of children's parks, uniforms, awards, and other valuable necessities. The association is run entirely by volunteers who dedicate a significant amount of their time to its success. If you are interested in helping out, please feel free to contact us.

Rule Change

Softball Canada has some new rules that will affect our play this season. All players must now have a batting helmet with a cage installed. If you have a helmet already, you can purchase a cage to fit your helmet at several different sports stores in town. 

Pitchers must wear a pitching mask if they wish to pitch this season.

Game Cancellation Policy

Just a friendly reminder that games organized by BMSA will only be cancelled if our permits for the fields are withdrawn by the City of Brantford, which usually happens when there are weather-related issues. If our permits are not withdrawn, BMSA is still responsible for payment to the city for the parks, so the games will not be cancelled. In case of any cancellations, you will be notified via the Sports Engine App, and we will also post a message on the website and on Facebook.